A Bullet Point List on Where to Find Knowledge

On how to get access to high-end human knowledge that is free, readable and synthetic on the Internet.

  • They were trained to write like this, or even forced to get published.
  • They are so immersed in their field that they do not realize how obscure their writing is.
  • They might be elitist, purposefully writing esoterically — in order not to be understood by everyone.
  • Writing in a clear, intelligible way is actually harder for them.

The Conversation




Open Yale Courses

Good Old Wikipedia

Media Outlets


Directory of Open Access Journal

Online Courses

  • edX. The most famous with the big names: MIT, Harvard, UTokyo, but also Amnesty International or Microsoft. Lots of courses with free audit access, for everyone’s taste.
  • Coursera. The other big one, with similar content and prestige. Read a comparison of those sites on Slant.
  • Udacity. Mostly for computer science and professional training. You might struggle to find their free courses but they do have some (although less than edX and Coursera).

Podcasts and Radio


Google and Common Sense



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